Metz - Light stand holder - f disk DH-173

Metz - Light stand holder - f disk DH-173

  • CAD $70.40

The Metz Light Stand Holder for Foldable Disks DH-173 can be adjusted in length to hold a reflector in position. Its simple and secure clamps grip the frame of your reflector at each end of the arm. This reflector holding arm is an essential and useful tool when using reflectors. It easily mounts to your light stand and the arm consist of a locking handle for tilt and angle adjustments.

Product Highlights

  • Can hold various sized reflectors
  • Comes with a standard dual head clamp
  • Telescopic reflector holder for connecting on light stands
  • Foldable disks can be clamped in the light stand holder and can be swiveled in the right position

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