Frio Hold Coldshoe

  • CAD $13.99

The finest universal cold shoe with a unique dual locking mechanism. Designed to make your shoot quick, safe and secure!

The only coldshoe you can trust! If you ever need to mount your flash or hotshoe gear, the frio is the Best. Coldshoe. Ever. And it just got better now featuring DualThrea and DualLoc.

The frio connects anything with a hotshoe to anything with a 1/4"-20 AND 3/8" screw, like your tripods, lightstands, HDSLR rigs and more. The world's only universal cold shoe adapter with the unique patented DualLoc system and DualThrea, so your shoot will never fall apart.

CLICK HERE for details, specs & description on manufacturers site.

(Original code of this item is TT12554)

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