Vanguard ABEO PLUS 323CB Tripod with Ball Head

Vanguard - ABEO PLUS 323CB Tripod with Ball Head - Refurbished

  • CAD $149.99

The Abeo Plus 323CB Tripod With BBH-200 Ballhead from Vanguard is a versatile top-of-the-line diamond-woven carbon fiber tripod with a magnesium SBH-200 professional ballhead. You can change the height of the tripod quickly and with a minimum of effort using the unique Quick Height Adjustment center column. Just flip the lever lock open, raise or lower the central column to the desired height, and flip the lock closed.

Tension Adjustable Leg Locks provide secure and rapid locking of the legs. Over time, normal wear and tear can start to take a toll on ordinary flip locks, but with Abeo Plus, you can just tighten the adjustable leg locks to the desired tension for peak performance. Each leg can also be adjusted independently to a 25-, 50-, or 80-degree angle.

The rubber feet on the legs have an angled design that gives you the perfect grip, whether in the studio or on uneven natural terrain. Built-in interchangeable spikes give you secure support on soft earth or ice, and the included set of snow/sand shoes will keep your tripod on a solid footing no matter what surface it's on.

The included BBH-200 ballhead has an innovative Rapid Level System that allows you to level the camera to the base quickly and efficiently. It also features a universal 38mm quick-release plate, and an anti-scratch coating on the ball for smooth movement. A low-angle adapter makes getting those unique low shots easier than ever. Thick foam on the upper part of each leg makes the tripod easy and comfortable to handle even in cold, hot, or wet weather.

  • Lightweight, yet strong, diamond-woven carbon fiber legs for maximum stability
  • Legs adjust to 25°, 50°, and 80° angles with a quick release button
  • Rubber feet that convert to spikes for rough terrain, plus a bonus set of snow/sand feet for soft, unstable terrain
  • Thick foam on legs enables a secure grip in hot, cold, and wet weather
  • Anti-shock ring
  • Quick-flip leg locks enable fast setup and are tension adjustable
  • Anti-spin center column
  • Low-angle adapter is quick and easy to set up

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