1500 PRO Series 12" bar 1.5", 8 pack

1500 PRO Series 12" bar 1.5", 8 pack

  • CAD $31.05

The 1500P stretcher bars are available in different lengths ranging from 8 inches to 60 inches, packed in boxes of 16 bars perfect for medium and large format printers . The bars are also designed to be cut and re-assembled allowing for odd sizes and lengths beyond 36". The bars provide a depth of 1-1/2".

Our stretcher bars are made from the best grades of North American basswood. This is the wood of choice for most museum quality stretcher bars due to its stability, low resin and lignin content. The wood is kiln dried to a moisture content below 8% which will insure that there will be no warp or shrinkage after the canvas is applied to the stretching frame. We only buy from sawmills that use sustainable forest practices.

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