Aurora - Orion 200 Orion 200Ws

  • CAD $581.99

Orion has the latest specification and is available at an affordable price.Modern design constructed from durable red reinforced ABS to protect internal components ad still remain extrmely light weight and portable.

Orion flash is complete with an Aurora bayonet mount and is compatible with all Aurora accessories.

  • Modern compact and robust
  • Safety features
    - Extremely shock protection with over-heat and over-charge functions
  • Auto power dump
    - Autmatically dumps high power when setting unit to lower power.
  • Dual power output display feature
    - Power output is displayed in f-stops and Ws.
  • Modular circuit board design
    - Plug in modular design with no soldering or internal wiring.
  • Short flash duration
  • Compatible with all Aurora accessories
  • Accurate and easy power control
    - accurate exposure over 5 f-stops, 1/10th f-stop power increments.
    - Full power to 1/32 by one long button push.
    - 1/32 to full power by one long button push
  • Fast acting fuse for modeling lamp
  • Flash ready indicator beep when charged
  • Fan cooled for extra raliability and stability
  • 5 volt sync circuit
  • One touch lock button
  • Rapid recycle time
  • Compatible with all Aurora accessories

UPC: 00700000612813

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