CamBee - VL36RGB 36W Studio Professional 281 LED Panel 2-Light Kit

  • CAD $619.99

With power, adjustable HUE, color temperature, and light intensity options, the Fiil CamBee 281 RGB Color LED Panel 2-Light Kit from Fiil CamBee is a flexible multi-use lighting solution for shooting in the studio or on the road. The kit is a combo of two RGB color LED lights with built-in L Series Battery Plate, unremovable barn doors & White Filter, Multi-countries AC Power Adapters, Remote, carry bag and stands, the lights are supported by the included 6.56's/200cm stands.
  1. 2 x RGB Color Panels with unremovable barn doors, 180 Daylight LED, 81 RGB LED
  2. HUE 0-360°
  3. Color Temperature: 3200-5600K
  4. Luminous Flux 3600LM, Daylight TLCI/CRI?95, Tungsten TLCI/CRI?97
  5. Dimming from 99%-10%
  6. 2 Stands, 2 Built-in White Filters, 2 AC Multi-Countries Adapters (100-240 VAC), 1 Remote, 2pcs Angle Adjustable U Brackets, come with 1 Carry Bag fit all items
  7. L-Series Batteries Plate (for Sony type NP-F750/960 or above) Integrated Each Light


  1. Lightweight construction for added portability
  2. Sure-Twist section locks
  3. Spring cushioning
  4. Supports up to 6.6 lbs (3 kg)

What's in the Box:

  1. 2 Fiil CamBee VL36RGB Studio Professional LED Panel Lights with unremovable barndoors and White Filters
  2. 2 U Brackets
  3. 2 sets Multi-countries AC Power Adapters
  4. 2 pcs Value Light Stand with 1/4" Light Stand Mounts
  5. 2 Built-In Sony L Series Battery Plate (Each Light)
  6. 1 Remote
  7. 1 Carry Bag fit all items

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