Capture One Pro (Perpetual License)

  • CAD $399.99


Capture One Pro (Perpetual License)

  • One-time payment to own the latest version of Capture One Pro
  • Save on every new license purchase
  • Simple image sharing with Capture One Live (free version)
  • New feature updates not included
  • There are no monthly charges for these versions of Capture One Pro. You own the software after purchase.

Amplis Order Desk ( will email you the License Key within 1-2 business days after the purchase.

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NOTE:  Digital Download Purchase

This item is non-cancelable and non-returnable

Product Details

Mind-blowing colours and quality

Get true-to-life colours and superb image quality right from the start of your photo process.

Fine-tuned by our in-house experts, our RAW converter is customized for nearly 600 camera profiles and over 700 lenses.

With true-to-life colour processing, you can spend less time editing and reach your final look even faster.

Connect your camera and shoot. Fast.

Shoot tethered right into Pro and organize shots, ensure you got what you needed, and make changes on the spot.

With Live View, see what your camera sees from your screen and have full control over your camera settings without needing to touch it. ReTether lets you unplug your cable, shoot, and seamlessly transfer all your images into Pro the moment you plug back in - never losing a shot. You can even get more space to create and go fully wireless with select cameras.

Work together with anyone, anywhere

Collaborating with teams and clients - whether in the same room or on different continents - is made easy with Capture One Live. Share, view, comment, rate, tag, and get feedback. All in one place.

No uploading, exporting, or downloading a single photo ever again.

Speed up slow tasks

Work less and create more with features and AI tools that do your dirty work.

Choose top selects quickly from the start with auto-grouping of similar photos. Plus, instant face and eye focus help you find your sharpest shots without needing to zoom in on every photo manually.

Take care of pesky dust spots, get consistent edits across photos of people, and auto-mask your subject or background - all in seconds. Even set your own keyboard shortcuts to apply Styles or other adjustments at once.

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Let AI do the dirty work

1) Smart Adjustments

Finish most of your edits in seconds with Smart Adjustments. Unlike copy and apply, Smart Adjustments makes your photos consistent, even under different lighting conditions. It automatically adjusts Exposure and White Balance specific to each photo - optimized for portraits, weddings, or other images with faces.

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2) Auto Dust Removal

A quick and easy way to take care of annoying dust spots in multiple photos and dramatically speed up your editing. Automatically remove dust spots in seconds or remove them directly during import.

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3) AI Masking

Save time and create precise, complex masks in seconds with a click for quicker, detailed edits. Or let Capture One automatically identify your photo's subject and background, easily auto masking for you to create stunning results.

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4) Snap to Eye

Assess critical focus faster when shooting tethered or culling through your images. Experience the speed as Capture One intelligently zooms and pans to the nearest eye in each shot, allowing you to quickly check for sharpness without manually zooming in.

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