EASIFRAME® Curved Height Conversion Kit

  • CAD $149.00

This Height Conversion Kit allows you to extend the height of the Easiframe® Curved from 2145mm (2.145m) up to 2645mm (2.645m) with the use of additional joins to convert the length on the floor to utilise the extra height. This also allows you to utilise the same backdrop skin for the standard and taller configuration of the Easiframe® Curved

What's Included:

  • 4x 500mm Extrusion Pieces
  • 4x 250mm Extrusion Pieces
  • 4x Straight Brackets (Joins)

*This product is for the Conversion Kit ONLY. EASIFRAME® Cyclorama Curved Fabric Frame is NOT included.

CLICK HERE for details, specs & description on manufacturers site.

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