Galerie Digital FB Glossy, 30x100, Roll (Special Order)

Galerie Digital FB Glossy, 30x100, Roll (Special Order)

  • CAD $1,099.00

This is a 30" x 98 roll of glossy Galerie Digital Silver Black and White Photo Paper from ILFORD. It is a high-quality printing paper that displays a neutral color on a fiber base. This paper produces excellent sharpness and fine continuous tone from black and white or color negatives (or positives) as well as digital originals. It is optimized for digital printing on tricolor laser enlargers or LED systems produced by Durst, Oce, Pollielettronica, Fuji and others.

This paper is characterized by a better D-max of up to 2.3 OD. It also features improved calibration and latent image characteristics as well as enhanced RGB (Red, Green, Blue) balance. In addition, highlight/shadow detail is more accurate due to the improved calibration.

  • Improved latent image characteristics post exposure
  • Optimized sensitometric curve shape to improve ease of calibration and calibration accuracy.
  • Improved speed and better RGB sensitivity balance
  • Better highlight / shadow detail as a result of more accurate calibrations
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UPC: 00019498170867

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