Gossen DIGISKY Flash and Ambient Light Meter

  • CAD $519.99

The Gossen DIGISKY Flash and Ambient Light Meter is laid out for use in the studio as well as outdoors and is equipped with an adjustable diffuser for flat and spherical measurements. It's capable of incident and reflected light measurements for flash and ambient light, which are displayed in full, 1/2 or 1/3 increments depending on the selected setting. The DIGISKY masters all common lighting situations for analog and digital photography, as well as for filmmaking, with outstanding precision and time-tested quality.

Ambient light measurement can be conducted with either aperture or shutter priority pre-selection. Subject and lighting contrast can be measured as well. The contrast range is displayed in both analog and digital format. Middle, minimum, and maximum values for preselected f-stop/shutter speed combinations can be queried by pressing the DATA key and can be transferred directly to the camera for HDR photography.

Flash measurement can be triggered wirelessly by means of a synchronizing cable or via the integrated Broncolor RFS2.1, Elinchrom Skyport/Skyspeed, Phottix Strato II (Strato, Atlas II) and Calumet Pro Series compatible radio module. After measurement has been completed, the f-stop value for the specified synchronizing speed appears at the display along with the most effective flash ratio as a percentage. The ratio of flash to ambient light is influenced when the synchronizing speed is changed, and the exposure meter automatically recalculates the f-stop and the percentage of flash illumination. This function is especially interesting for adjusting fill-in flash and for softening ambient light.

If the Broncolor or Elinchrom flash heads support the functionality they can have their power adjusted by radio via the exposure meter, eliminating the need of going to the flash head or using an additional remote control. Broncolor RFS2.1 and Elinchrom Skyport Universal radio sets or Phottix Strato II (Strato, Atlas II) and Calumet Pro Series wireless trigger kits can be used with other flash manufacturers for convenient DIGISKY triggering and measurement. A detailed reference list is available on the product page on the internet.

Film speed, open aperture angle, photometry settings and a correction factor for filters can be specified in the movie mode. The exposure value appears in an easy to interpret analog scale allowing for immediate detection of even minimal deviation from the desired illuminance, and additionally as a digital value. The large digital display can be switched back and forth between measured aperture and illuminance or luminance. Middle, minimum, and maximum values for the f-stop, as well as minimum and maximum photometric values can be queried by pressing the DATA key. The cameraman is thus provided with a clear-cut display of all the values required for a correctly exposed image.