Harman Crystaljet Elite Lustre 17x16 Roll (Special Order)

Harman Crystaljet Elite Lustre 17x16 Roll (Special Order)

  • CAD $16.47

This popular, versatile inkjet photo paper produces stunning results with a luster finish.

  • 260gsm resin coated paper
  • Luster finish
  • Bright white base colour
  • Enhanced contrast & sharpness
  • Rich colour gamut and deep tonal range
  • Robust surface characteristics

HARMAN CRYSTALJET ELITE is an instant dry, resin coated inkjet paper on a bright white base.

Compatible with the latest dye and pigment inkjet printers, take control of your home printing with this easy-to-handle paper capable of matching or exceeding the quality of lab prints.

This robust paper delivers exceptional quality with enhanced contrast and sharpness, a rich colour gamut and a broad tonal range that ensures colours pop and superb shadow and highlight definition to create black and white images fit for any wall.

CRYSTALJET ELITE is also available in a 260gsm gloss finish and 295gsm gloss and pearl finishes.

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UPC: 00019498166907

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