ILFORD - Ilfotec DD Developer Starter (Liquid) for Black & White Film - 1 Liter (Special Order)

ILFORD - Ilfotec DD Developer Starter (Liquid) for Black & White Film - 1 Liter (Special Order)

  • CAD $89.00

Ilford Ilfotec DD Developer Starter is for the Ilfotec DD Developer which is a replenishable developer for all general purpose black and white films.

Ilfotec DD concentrate is diluted 1+4 with water to prepare working strength replenisher.

For some applications this solution can be used as a developer but some adjustment to the recommended development times is required.

To make working strength Ilfotec DD developer add Ilfotec DD Starter to the working strength replenisher, 1 + 250, i.e. 4ml of starter per litre of developer required.

  • It is supplied as a liquid concentrate to make up replenisher and the addition of Ilfotec DD Starter solution turns the replenisher into machine tank developer.
  • Ilfotec DD is specifically designed to be used in applications where large quantities of film are processed such as replenished dip and dunk (hanger) processing systems.
  • With some adjustments to development times and operating temperature it can also be used in deep tanks and continuous long leader processors.
  • Ilfotec DD has a long tank life and good resistance to contamination, reliably producing superb quality negatives under a wide range of conditions.
  • The recommended working temperature range is 20 - 24°C, (68 - 75°F).
  • For some applications Ilfotec DD working strength solutions can be used as a developer without using Ilfotec DD Starter.
  • For machine processing Ilford recommends that it is used in conjunction with Ilford Ilfotec DD Starter solution.

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