Kentmere - RC VC Select Glossy Paper 8x10, 100 sheets

Kentmere - RC VC Select Glossy Paper 8x10, 100 sheets

  • CAD $139.00

VC Select is a medium-weight black and white enlarging paper with a polyethylene coated base. It is resin-coated (RC), with a variable-contrast (VC) emulsion. Using standard colour filtration or proprietary filter sets such as ILFORD Multigrade or Kodak Polymax, contrast grades from 00 to 5 are achievable in half grade steps. The paper is equally suitable for dish and machine processing.


  • Glossy: This paper has built-in glaze to provide the maximum black density and overall print brilliance. Maximum gloss is achieved through hot air drying.
  • Fine Lustre: An attractively textured surface which combines the depth of image and blacks normally only found with glossy papers, with the subtlety and handling advantages of a semi-matte.

Key Features

  • Rapid Speed Emulsion
  • Excellent Saturation
  • Bright Whites

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