Laowa - Argus 18mm f/0.95 MFT APO

  • CAD $679.00

Introducing the new Argus 18mm f/0.95 to the Argus lineup, the ultra-fast aperture option for MFT cameras. Now, Laowa offers a total of 6 lenses with f/0.95 brightness, including 2 for full frame, 2 for APS-C and 2 for MFT cameras. This new addition of 18mm f/0.95 is designed with an APO feature to minimize chromatic aberration and is able to deliver impressive image quality even at maximum aperture.

Providing outstanding sharpness for the in-focus areas and pleasing bokeh for the out-of-focus areas, it is a compact and versatile option for portrait and low-light photography. The lens has a low focus breathing, together with user-friendly switches and internal focusing, making this an ideal lens for both photographers and videographers.

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