Laowa Magic Shift Converter (MSC)

  • CAD $469.00

It is an adapter designed to convert the Canon and Nikon SLR lenses into a professional +/-10mm Shift lens. With the MSC, the SLR lenses can be adapted to mirrorless cameras while retaining the performance of chromatic control and correcting optical distortion.

On top of the existing Canon EF, Nikon F and Nikon G to Sony E options, Laowa is adding Canon EF to Canon RF, Canon EF to Nikon Z and Nikon F/G to Nikon Z to the portfolio.

For example, the MSC converts Laowa 12mm f/2.8 Zero-D to a 17mm f/4 lens with +/- 10mm shift capability without any vignetting. It does not necessarily work with LAOWA lenses only. It may also work with other lenses.

Please read below remarks before purchase:

i)  It does NOT work with Canon or Nikon cameras. And it does NOT work with Sony E-mount lens either.

ii) The MSC has no electronic contacts which means that automatic focus and automatic aperture will NOT work.

iii) Using MSC on any lenses without a physical aperture ring is NOT recommended. The aperture dial on Nikon F/G adapter is designed to provide aperture control for Nikon G-type lenses only (which do not have an aperture ring). No such feature on Canon mount.

*Estimate Delivery Time is January 2023

CLICK HERE for details, specs & description on manufacturers site.

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