MEGADAP Canon EF to Nikon Z AutoFocus Adapter (EFTZ21)

  • CAD $429.00

This innovative adapter allows photographers to seamlessly adapt Canon EF lenses to Nikon Z cameras, both full frame and APS-C, unlocking 150+ new EF lenses to Nikon Z camera users. and opening up new possibilities for creative expression.

  • Nikon ZF, Z8, Z9, Z30 and Zfc compatible. (or any newer models)
  • Turn Canon EF lenses Autofocus on Nikon Z cameras (Full-frame and APS-C)
  • Support EF mount third-party lenses
  • Support AF-S, AF-C, AF-F, Eye-AF, pinpoint focusing and Face detection
  • Smooth focusing performance during video shooting
  • Support auto aperture
  • Support the use of manual lenses
  • Support AF/MF button on the lens body
  • Firmware upgradable through Nikon Z camera (with adapter + lens installed)€š¬‚¬¹
  • Suitable for Nikon ZF, ZFC, Z30, Z50, Nikon Z5, Nikon Z6, Nikon Z6 ii, Nikon Z7, Nikon Z7 ii, Z8, Z9 cameras

Estimate Delivery Time is Mid June, 2024

CLICK HERE for details, specs & description on manufacturers site.

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