Onsite USB-C 87W PD Battery Pack

Onsite USB-C 87W PD Battery Pack

  • CAD $303.00

The ONsite USB-C 87W PD Battery Pack boasts high capacity Power Delivery (PD) that is required for USB-C charging laptops like the MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and other devices. This battery pack can power one USB-C and two USB devices simultaneously. The 26,800 mAh LG battery feature can charge a MacBook Pro for more than a full charge. In addition, tablets can charge up to three times and about 4-6 charges for mobile phones. Because photographers spend time editing, reviewing images, and client review sessions through the use of a portable laptop, the Tether Tools ONsite USB-C 87W PD 26,800 mAh LG Battery Pack has been designed to keep you powered all day long.

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Supplier SKU: SDAC15

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