Paterson - Proof Printer 35mm/8x10 (Special Order)

Paterson - Proof Printer 35mm/8x10 (Special Order)

  • CAD $151.00

Professionally proof a complete roll of 35mm or 120 film on a single sheet of 8x10" paper, with frame numbers and blanks for indicating date, subject, and technical data. Built-in negative slots ensure fast, straight positioning. The 35mm proofer holds six strips of six frames, while the 120 model holds 4 strips of 21/4 x 13/4"(6x4.5cm), 21/4 x 21/4"(6x6cm), or 21/4 x 23/4"(6x7cm) film. Foam base pad and glass pressure plate hold the film and paper securely in contact to guarantee a sharp proof. Contact proofs can be used as a convenient reference for negative files. Use Self-Adhesive Strips (#615) to mount proof sheets in the Paterson Negative filing System.

  • Holds 6 strips of 6 frames
  • Rubber feet on back prevent slipping
  • Negative slots allow easy positioning
  • Glass pressure plate holds film down firmly for maximum print sharpness
  • Additional room available for technical data

UPC: 05022361010844

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