Tamron 20-40mm F/2.8 Di III VXD (Model A062)

Tamron - 20-40mm F/2.8 Di III VXD for Sony full-frame mirrorless

  • CAD $949.00

Fast F2.8 standard zoom for Sony full-frame mirrorless cameras covers 20-40mm and offers class-leading1S compact size and light weight

Driven by a determined quest for portability, the 20-40mm F/2.8 Di III VXD (Model A062) is TAMRON's innovative, fast-aperture Sony E-mount zoom lens that will change your mind about standard zooms. The lens starts from 20mm at the ultra wide-angle end and covers up to 40mm in the standard focal range. Despite the breadth of the zoom range, it still offers class-leading compact size and light weight.

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UPC:S 725211620013

1 Among the fast-aperture zoom lenses for Sony E-mount full-frame mirrorless cameras (As of August, 2022: TAMRON)

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