Vanguard - The Heralder 33 Shoulder Bag

  • CAD $159.99

The black Heralder 33 Bag from Vanguard is a get-around bag designed for the photographer/videographer who doesn't have much time to fumble around retrieving gear from his bag. It's designed to hold a bevy of gear - 1-2 pro DSLRs, one with grip, 5-6 lenses (up to 70-200mm f/2.8); plus a laptop up to 13.0" (33.0 cm) wide screen size that is held in its own separate compartment, numerous accessories and a tripod neatly held in its own sling.

The polyester exterior material is rated weather-proof but the bag comes with a removable rain cover that can be quickly deployed if you're outside and the weather turns against you. Inside, there is more polyester that is complimented by a gentle velvet material that won't hurt the finish of your gear. The shoulder strap is anti-slip in design, comfortable, padded and removable. There's also a top carry handle for added convenience.

Access to your gear is easy. The bag comes with a removable pouch that permits you to pre-pack your gear and just slip it inside the bag. When not needed, just remove the pouch and the bag becomes usable for other purposes with its expanded storage space. The Heralder has a Quick Top Access Zipper that exposes the interior for rapid removal of your camera when you need it. No more missing shots because you have to struggle to unbuckle dual front couplers. Just unzip the top, remove your DSLR or camcorder, get the shot, replace the equipment, re-zip and you're off to your next shot.

Your tripod is held in its own sling and readily accessible for long exposures or long lenses. All of these features make this bag a perfect choice for the photo and video journalist who needs a bag that is easy to pack, carry and use.

  • Messenger-style bag for photo/video use
  • Separate, padded 13.0" (33.0 cm) laptop compartment
  • Weather-resistant polyester material
  • Built-in rain cover in zippered compartment
  • A tripod can be easily secured to The Heralder's built-in tripod sling
  • Quick Top Access - rapid opening top zipper means faster access to your camera when the shot appears
  • Extremely comfortable, padded anti-slip shoulder strap that distributes weight evenly on your shoulder
  • Removable inner pouch means you can pre-pack, add or remove gear easily and rapidly

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