Vanguard VEO SELECT 33 Green Shoulder Bag

Vanguard - VEO SELECT 33 Green Shoulder Bag

  • CAD $129.99

The VEO Select 33 Messenger Bag is a stylish shoulder bag that is designed to protect and transport an everyday DLSR kit with ease. It will fit a DSLR (or larger mirrorless) camera, 2-3 lenses, a flash unit, a 13? laptop, and multiple accessories such as memory cards, cables, batteries, and a charger.

  • Generous internal storage space €š¬š¬š¬š¬š¬š¬‚¬š¬š¬š¬š¬š¬œ all customizable for a DSLR kit
  • Carries the kit you need €š¬š¬š¬š¬š¬š¬‚¬š¬š¬š¬š¬š¬œ including a tripod
  • Easy access €š¬š¬š¬š¬š¬š¬‚¬š¬š¬š¬š¬š¬œ fast top access to your camera
  • Business-orientated €š¬š¬š¬š¬š¬š¬‚¬š¬š¬š¬š¬š¬œ carries a 9.7? tablet
  • Everyday shoulder bag €š¬š¬š¬š¬š¬š¬‚¬š¬š¬š¬š¬š¬œ simply remove interior dividers
  • Carry your kit in comfort €š¬š¬š¬š¬š¬š¬‚¬š¬š¬š¬š¬š¬œ with a padded non-slip shoulder strap or padded handle
  • Always protected €š¬š¬š¬š¬š¬š¬‚¬š¬š¬š¬š¬š¬œ well-padded all around
  • Lightweight €š¬š¬š¬š¬š¬š¬‚¬š¬š¬š¬š¬š¬œ weighs just 2.6 pounds
  • Keep dry €š¬š¬š¬š¬š¬š¬‚¬š¬š¬š¬š¬š¬œ high-quality water-resistant material with additional seam-sealed rain cover

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