Visible Dust - 2x1ml VDUST/5 SWABS 1.0

2x1ml VDUST/ 5 SWABS 1.0

  • CAD $38.00

The EZ Sensor Cleaning Kit THINLITE-X Light Cleaning with two bottles of VDust Plus and 5 Orange DHAP Vswabs from Visible Dust contains two 1.15ml bottles of VDust Plus liquid cleaner and 5 orange DHAP Vswabs. VDust Plus liquid is a multi-ingredient, iso-alcoholic solution that goes on streak-free, removes water and oil stains, and evaporates fast.

The orange DHAP Vswabs V-shape design allows for ease of maneuverability within the camera chamber and corner to corner sensor cleaning. Its woven fabric design retains liquid well and prevents scratches as it cleans oil and water stains. The DHAP swab is only compatible with the VDust Plus liquid cleaner, not with other Visible Dust brand cleaners. The 1.0 x DHAP orange Vswabs are compatible with sensors up to 24mm.

UPC: 00764210333005

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