Ben and Nuki Discover Polar Bears

Ben and Nuki Discover Polar Bears

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A tale of two boys from very different cultures - one from a big city in the south, the other from a remote Arctic village, this children's book chronicles the budding friendship of Ben and Nuki as they learn about polar bears. Ben is surprised to learn that there are no roads or highways connecting communities in the north, while Nuki is awestruck when he sees trees for the first time during his visit to the south!

Ben journeys to Canada's north where Ben and Nuki embark on several adventures discovering the Arctic landscape, the Inuit culture and learn about polar bears! Ben and Nuki Discover Polar Bears offers children a unique perspective on what life is like in Canada Arctic, with stunning photographs portraying the boundless beauty of the north, from its polar bears to the northern lights.

Product name Ben & Nuki Discover Polar Bears
Shipping dimensions 1" H x 12" W x 1" L
Languages English
Format Paperback
Release date Oct 16, 2012
Publisher MV Photo Productions
ISBN 9780968658215

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