Metz - mecalight S500 BC

  • CAD $199.99

Powerful light from an LED the size of your smartphone

Metz mecatech presents a compact, powerful LED video light in a high-quality aluminium housing: the mecalight S500 BC. This powerful light is only 13cm long and as flat as a smartphone. S500 BC fits in any camera bag or pocket and will become your practical companion on any trip. It is suitable for travel vlogs and indoor video shoots or as an addition for recordings with smartphone.

Mecalight S500 BC features bi-colour ability and a high colour rendering index CRI ?96. S500 BC can perfectly illuminate different lighting situations and provides realistic colour matching. Easy push buttons allow the photographer or videographer to control power and colour temperature of the LEDs intuitively and read them accurately on the high-contrast OLED display.

Mecalight S500 BC can be mounted directly on a tripod or on the hotshoe of a camera with the delivered adaptor. mecalight S500 BC also comes with a soft white diffuser, which is easily mounted on the light with a silicone band. The diffuser mount includes a spacer that allows the light to get noticeably softer and shadowing is reduced.

The internal Lithium battery allows for run times from one hour at full power to over 24 hours at low power. The battery is charged via micro USB port (cable included) from your computer, wall charger or battery bank. S500 BC can be used while the charger is plugged in.

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