Visible Dust - Digital Medium Format Swab 30-33mm

Digital Medium Format Swab 30-33mm

  • CAD $69.00

The Ultra MXD-100 (Fabric) Green Vswab for Medium Format DSLR from Visible Dust is specifically designed to fit medium format sensor in sizes from 30-33mm. The Vswab works on cameras such as the Leica S2 and Pentax 645 cameras. The swab is compatible with VDust Plus, Sensor Clean and Smear Away cleaners.

The value of these swabs is that they help prevent streaking during and after cleaning. They are anti-static in design that helps prevent dust particles from clinging and remaining on the sensor. They form a barrier that help guard against future dust collection. The strength of the cleaner eliminates oils and proteins from accumulating on the sensor. This can be caused by moisture and oils that creep into your camera's system. Finally, the swab helps control the possibility of smearing on the sensor that happens when a dry cleaning method is applied to your sensor.
  • Swabs work both horizontally and vertically when applied
  • When used with one of Visible Dust's recommended cleaners, stains, smears and streaks can be eliminated
  • With their anti-static design, it lessens the possibility of dust particles collecting on the sensor in the future
  • The swabs are thicker than Visible Dust's DHAP (orange) swabs but are softer

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