Visible Dust - Dust Snapper

Dust Snapper

  • CAD $58.00

The Visible Dust Dust Snapper is an intriguing and very useful accessory to have around your home or studio. This round blue pad 8.25") has a unique property that attracts dust and dirt particles that constantly fall on your camera or lens. To use the Dust Snapper, merely place your camera/lens on the Pad and the ionic and magnetic action generated will remove the contaminants.

The Dust Snapper is also a safe place to rest you camera/lens when you have critical cleaning to perform. It's like having a mini "clean room" at your finger tips. In addition, the Pad serves as a secure resting surface and will help prevent shock or dents. When finished cleaning, merely run the Snapper under running water or blow it clean with canned air.

  • Using ionic and magnetic attraction, it pulls dust and dirt off the camera
  • The Dust Snapper has a high affinity for dust
  • Put it under the camera/lens and you have a clean environment for cleaning the camera
  • Clean it by running it under water or blasting the dust off with canned air
  • Also benefits the camera by providing a shock-resistant surface on which to place the item

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