Visible Dust - VDust Plus EZ SwabLight Sensor Cleaning Kit (1.6x Green Ultra MXD-100 Swabs)

VDust Plus EZ SwabLight Sensor Cleaning Kit (1.6x Green Ultra MXD-100 Swabs)

  • CAD $53.38

For APS-C Sensors


  • SwabLight (1)
  • Sensor Vsawbs ® green 1.6x (4)
  • Liquid cleaner VDust (1,15ml)

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Rid your camera sensor of unwanted deposits and stains with the VDust Plus EZ SwabLight Sensor Cleaning Kit from VisibleDust. The supplied, soft 1.6x swabs are designed for streak-free cleaning and are ideal for 16mm sensors. The Camera Compatibility Chart lists many of the cameras that have sensors of this size and will work with these swabs. This kit also includes the SwabLight for improved visibility and a better grip for easier, more precise cleaning.

The swabs will work with all VisibleDust liquid sensor cleaning solutions. The V shape of the swabs makes it easy to clean the corners of the sensor. It is extremely difficult to tell what kind of stain you have on your sensor, but the multi-ingredient, is alcoholic VDust Plus solution is designed to remove any water-based or light oil-based stain or liquid, and also has an anti-static coating. Additionally, it evaporates quickly. It can be followed by the stronger optional Smear Away solution if need be, and then by the optional Sensor Clean, which will remove any streaking and provide an additional anti-static and anti-fog barrier. Your sensor will not be damaged by the solution, as it is sealed and the solution is actually cleaning the low pass filter that rests over the sensor.

The SwabLight provides illumination to give you better visibility while cleaning your sensor. It attaches to the handle of the swab, providing a larger handle with a better grip for more efficient cleaning and a greatly reduced risk of damage to your sensor or other internal camera components.

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