Visible Dust - VisibleDust 1.5x-1.6x Swabs Orange

DHAP Sensor Cleaning Swabs Orange 1.6x

  • CAD $65.00

The DHAP Orange 1.6x Vswabs, Corner Swabs, and CurVswab Handle Set from VisibleDust is designed to remove oil and dust from a camera sensor or optical glass. The v-shaped paddle will cover the sensor area without having to over swab, which could potentially damage the sensor.

The fabric has a double layer folding design, which gives the already soft fabric a softer edge for cleaning against the sensor, leaving it streak-free. The non-shedding fabric, which is highly absorbent, is made up of thin fibers and evenly distributes the cleaning fluid across the paddle because of the mini-channel design.

Dust build up in the corners of the sensor is removed easily with the DHAP Orange Corner Swabs that are designed for those hard-to-reach places. Using the swab handle on a swab, it ensures the best surface contact on the sensor. Therefore, it helps you to maintains a firmer grip and perform a more uniform cleaning.

Sensor cleaning Solutions:
  • VDust Plus
  • CMOS Clean

UPC: 00827912060140

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