Visible Dust - Vswab 1.6x (DHAP Orange Swabs )

Vswab 1.6x (DHAP Orange Sensor Cleaning Swabs) 50 pack

  • CAD $207.00

Designed for cleaning your camera's image sensor without leaving streaks, pooling, or abrasions, this 50-pack of DHAP Sensor Cleaning VSwabs from VisibleDust are specifically designed for image sensors measuring 16mm high, such as DX or APS-C sensors. The super-soft, double layer high absorbency construction makes these swabs especially well-suited to cleaning sensors without an optical low-pass filter, as well as delicate optical surfaces such as telescopes. Each of the swabs feature a unique mini-channel, with contour, in order to produce an even application of cleaning fluid on the sensor surface while also avoiding streaking, pooling, and over-saturation. The swabs are intended for single-time usage and are solely compatible with VisibleDust VDust Plus liquid cleaning solution.

Complementing working with the swabs, a VisibleDust SwabLight is also included which features a texture hand grip for added stability and a built-in light for improved visibility while cleaning.

  • 1.6x-sized VSwabs measure 16mm wide and are well-suited for cameras featuring DX or APS-C image sensors, such as the Nikon D7200, D5500, and Pentax K-3/II, among others.
  • Double layer high absorbency fabric is made from thin, woven fibers and is designed to be non-shedding for use on delicate surfaces.
  • Fabric folding system creates a soft edge and prevents streaks or scratches from occurring when cleaning image sensor surface.
  • Mini-channel design maintains even saturation across the paddle's surface to reduce pooling or vertical flow of the fluid at the edges.
  • VSwabs are designed for one-time use in conjunction with VisibleDust VDust liquid cleaning solution.

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